Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Accidental Parenting

In continuing my streak of being generally lame and a failure of a blogger (I'M SORRY, ok?? Moving has taken all my creativity and shoveled it into decoratively positioning my crappy furniture, lighting candles, and trying to figure out how to mask the fact that most of what I own has come from the garbage. Also to resist the urge to paint everything in varying shades of purple. GIVE ME A FEW DAYS, WILL YOU?) all I have the energy for today is a Daily Mosifer.


This is a post from another one of my favorite Funny Moms. If ever I have children and don't farm them out to child labor or lock them in the cellar of the giant home I'll somehow own, I hope this happens to me. Here's just a little sneak peek, to get your juices flowing:


We told the girl she and her friend would be going to camp together. They were excited. We got applications and sent in the check. The husband, as he was filling out the check, said to me, "You know this is run by the Detroit Presbytery, don't you?" I was busy playing SuperMario or something and said, "Yeah, sure, that's fine," because although I had no idea what the Detroit Presbytery was and though it sounded kind of religious, I figured it was like the Girl Scouts or the YMCA. Sure, that Christian thing is in the YMCA, but I've not really seen how it affects their day to day operations of a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Then we got the information packet from the camp, including the packing list. Here are the first few items, which may have caused a more aware person to pause:



Sleeping Bag

I'll leave you to your reading. Also for you parents out there, I await your stories of unexpected debauchery against the tiny heathens you are currently rearing. Or maybe what you thought your parents did to you on accident in your youth but you now understand was pure, unadulturated revenge. Your mom is still pissed about what you did to her boobs.


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