Certificate Of Bullshittery

So, you're here. And you're wondering, "who is this crazy person and what makes her think she knows anything about my life, let alone what would be good for it?"


Well I'd say that you should get the hell out of here if that thought DIDN'T cross your mind. Didn't your mother tell you not to trust strangers?? So in the interest of becoming a little less stranger-y, here's a keyhole into my life, experience and qualifications as Your New Best Friend:

I was crazy once, too. Who am I kidding? I still am. And I always will be. BUT -- and this is a big but, one to rival my physical one -- I'm working on it. Noadded or like, padded-room-straight-jacket or anything, but we all have our stuff. And believe me, I've been digging through my stuff for a long, long time. Growing up with The Mother, who has been unpacking her baggage in therapy since I was wee, I picked up a few things along the way. Including a seat in that very same therapists' office. 

My mother -- The Mother, as she'll be known -- is a practicing psychic. But let's just leave that one where it is. You'll hear about it along the way. This way it's more exciting, see? Like Christmas morning!

I know alternative health. I'm a doctor. Haha of course I'm not! Are you insane?! But seriously though, I do know alternative health. I work alongside some of the smartest hippies you've never met. And I was never vaccinated. Suckers! I've never understood modern medicine -- though it has done us heaps of good, don't get me wrong -- it just doesn't make much practical sense to me. I'm one of those girls; one of those girls that complains about taking too much magnesium that morning or reeeaaally needing to get to her body worker because Jesus. H. Christ, her uterus must be about to fall out. If you know what I mean.

I've been a practicing ( if maybe not always selling) artist for most of my life. And I know what it's like when these things that you just NEED to do totally head-butt with reality; with paying bills and keeping friendships and maintaining a general sense of "put-togetherness" that living with other human beings requires. I know that we all have dreams that need kindling and lives that need balancing. I know that our passions make our lives worth living, and that it's about where everything intersects that matters.

So come along with me! Let's lay out all our shit together. Let's show the world just how crazy we really are, because it's the ones that aren't afraid to show it that have the least to hide.

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