Friday, September 14, 2012

You Know Who You Are

Big-Ups to a few people that have made the last 24 hours pretty cool. Just because I feel like it:

These two amazing girls for agreeing with me that swings are still cool, especially those covered in tires and hanging from an underpass. Also, if anyone can find the end of my gums in this picture please let me know.

This chick, who reminded me why I still risk being late for work every single morning (wait a minute, I don't risk it -- I am late for work every single morning) to stop at Starbucks. And it's not just the chemical dependence.

My most amazingly awesome customer, who kicked off my birthday weekend right with this cupcake from here. Janky frosting may or may not be due to pre picture-taking partaking. Or bad driving.

This person who has been a friend longer than I care to think about, despite the fact that she hated me at First Sight. Something about me being controlling or other such bullshit. Stop thinking I'm controlling RIGHT THIS SECOND, YOU. And go get me a beer.

Also, beer.


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