Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In It To Win It: NaBloPoMo

Look, Here's The Thing:

I've always considered any kind of art form to be the first question in a never-ending conversation. So that's why I am signed up for November's National Blog Posting Month. That's NoBloPoMo for like, not-so-short. Cuz I still can't figure out how to say it without saying the whole title first and then tripping over the acronym in my head.

So as I step closer to Thursday and a month of CONTINUOUS POSTS -- that's every day, folks -- I want to invite everyone anxiously awaiting my inevitable verbal faceplant to speak their peace. Er, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Because I like hearing your beautiful digital voices, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to be interested in how I go to movies to cry alone for 30 days straight (though I will probably delving into that tragically pathetic topic later today).

So please, drop me a line. Tell me about your favorite color. Ask me a question. An opinion. A favor. Inquire on how to better take care of your turtle (though I will have to consult my favorite turtle expert on this one). Tell me I'm not allowed for dinner anymore (I'll probably still show up after to pick scraps). IT'S ALL WELCOME!

As I like to say...we are all made up of the same thing. Keep the conversation rolling. Email me at mosiferp@gmail.com -- OR comment anywhere on this blog throughout the month -- and watch me attempt to not smash my computer after 30 straight days of head-scratching!

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