Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Question Game

I've been thinking a lot about fears lately. About how trivial they can seems yet how debilitating they really are. Personally I'm afraid that I'll live in my parents basement forever. I'm afraid that there are things in my life I can't control and won't know how to deal with when they get in my face. I know with my head that no matter where I live and what I'm doing I'm still me, and who I am is still precious. I know that my idea of failure is something so big I will probably never live up to my own expectations. But I'm trying to face it, to ask myself "so what" in the name of getting over it. But it's hard not to let those fears consume you sometimes, because the head can't always reach the heart. So my question is: what is the thing you are most afraid of and if confronted with it, what would you do?

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