Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quickie: Respect Your (Box) Elders

The box elders are driving me crazy this year. I have waged war against the dying ones littering the floor at work -- every morning I find them scattered in dead pieces awaiting me to carry on out their funeral procession led by broom. This morning as I was slaving against their selfish passing, I swept up a pile containing one seemingly still alive. In my head I literally said; "Well, he's just going to die anyways so I might as well sweep him up with the others." And then, "Oh my god, did I really just think that? What if someone said that about me? PLEASE LET GIANTS NOT EXIST WHEN I'M WRITHING ON THE FLOOR AFTER STUBBING MY TOE AT A MORGUE."

The culprit. He shall live to see another day.

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