Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Night Confusion

I just ate a "fun size" Milky Way that's been sitting on my desk since Halloween. Why it took me so long to inhale, I have no idea. I'd like to say it's because I've developed a sense of willpower in my formative years, but I know it's probably because my desk is so disgusting that it's eluded me in the clutter until this moment. Moral? Milky Way's are delicious.


I realize that I've spent a lot of time in this experiment expounding upon how I think things work; things being "people," "relationships," and random notions of "psychology." My view on any art form is that it is the shared experience that brings us together -- and by sharing my experience, my hope is that it might bring out that which you've been waiting for a like mind to share. But by wrapping mine in a fuzzy blanket of understanding at the end, I kind of tie a pretty bow on the understanding end. I'm getting reallly wrapped up in the resulting moral, instead of letting you make your own moral of it. I try so hard to fully "get" myself that I force the end result, leaving little room for the questions that spur the conversation and thus the "getting" at the end. I'm supposed to be realizing new things here too, aren't I?


So as I was mulling this over I glimpsed this drawing I did a few months ago. I did it at a point where I was having a difficult time with my relationship and was trying to understand where that came from. It is parts anger at self and the other -- an investigation of the bindings that keep me from just letting go and experiencing sometimes. As well as an exercise in clarity.


Ah, maybe it's too late and I'm going over my own head here. But I guess my question is: what is it that helps you process things? What do you do that helps you see more clearly; that gets you through the tough times and brings you the answers to the tough questions? And have you decided to stop asking me for advice yet?


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