Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unexpected Serious-ness

I really didn't feel like writing anything today. I feel very much like staying as far away from the computer as possible and possibly taking a long nap. Because like many others trolling the interwebs today, I'm finding myself disgusted and ashamed of my fellow humans that continue to engage in such hateful, dividing and just plain mean commentary over the results of the election yesterday. And this does not single out any one party. When did we become so divided, so bent on making our differences concretely known instead of embracing them; understanding that the beauty of us as a race is that which makes us all unique but whole at the same time?


The beauty of social media really is in its connectivity -- but at times like this I wonder if we're using it to our own destruction. Because to be heard means the responsibility also lies within us to hear others. And we are not trying to hear each other right now. The end of an election should mean the end of strife, of turmoil, of fighting and bickering. The end of an election should mean that whoever wins, it is still our job and hope as a country to move forward in the most positive manner possible. Not to thwart the one we place blame on for winning.


No matter what happened yesterday, I truly believe this phenomena would still be happening. Because we have become addicted to the drama of it. We are obsessed with the distraction of saying "I'm right and you're wrong;" instead of seeing that at all times, in all places, we are both right and wrong.


Because what is right for me may not be right for you. The point is to learn how to embrace that in one another and become stronger for it. We are not on this planet to fixate on petty dramas. We are not here to get wound up in our own heads over that which we have little to no control. We are here to be who we are, unabashadly, and accept it in our neighbors. Because life is too short to get caught up in this web. So all of you, I urge you: quit fighting and fixating on "the end." Instead, remember who you are and realize that despite all else, you are wonderful.



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