Friday, November 9, 2012

Taco Salad Revenge

My dearest friend and coworker made the most incredible taco salad for lunch today. All spicy bison, spicy cheese, spicy guacamole and...sweet peppers. Oh and some sour cream and a dollop of lettuce. Aren't you jealous of our job?


But you know what's not so incredible? All that spicy taco salad two hours later, THAT'S WHAT. Let's just say stress has caught up with my gut in a most unfavorable way. So as my revenge on Laura and her delicious-stomach-tearing-spice-monster, here are the previously promised photographic documents of last week's Wine Night. Don't ask what happened when I found the vodka.





Apparently we're bashful winos. And I still don't understand why people think we're sisters, let alone twins. Clearly I am the classier drunk. Thanks for colonoscopy, Laura!

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